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Wolf ECU V550 VS. V500 Gallery Pictures
Differences between V500 and V550
A lot of people have been asking what is the difference between V500 and V550!!! So here it is...
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  • National 4X4 Outdoors show.
    Friday Saturday & Sunday 22-24 th of August Wolf motorsport will be at the National 4x4 outdoors show,Fishing & Boating expo. come along and visit us. we will have a display of 4x4s showing the use of the wolf etc and the diversity of the wolf system for your 4X4. Joining us in the stand will be Brett from B C automotive he will be there to answer any of your 4x4 technical questions. Come on down for the day and come over and see us, any one mentioning they saw this on FACEBOOK gets a free hat. Anyone wanting pics with our Wolf promo girl Haley, she will be at the stand/venue on saturday.