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Dashes & Data

Dashes & Data

  • EGT Convertor
    • EGT Convertor
    • $195.00
    • The Wolf EGT convertor, Made to a very high standard of speed and accuracy this Unit will read your "K" type thermalcouple and convert it to read 0-5V output. Take control of your tune and monitor your exhaust gas temperatures, with such fuels being used like E85 and methanol, Exhaust temperature is one of the true ways to maintain a safe and powerful tune. This output can then be used with your Wolf to datalog or can interface with most Dataloggers on the market.

      4 X K type thermal couples
      12 V

      4 X 0-5v anolog signal (with matching spec sheet)

      Case Size: 65mm x 54mm x 23mm
      ECU Weight: 80g

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  • Racepak dash IQ3
    • Racepak dash IQ3
    • $1,204.50
    • The Racepak IQ3 Dash is a very cost effective dashboard, light-weight and compact this dash can be configured to interface with the Wolf ecu range to display such things as RPM, Engine temp, Boost.

      Wolf V-Net Data Inputs
      Engine Temperature
      Air Temperature
      Throttle Position
      Air / fuel ratio
      Internal MAP Sensor
      Auxilaries LS 1-4
      Multicontrollers 1-2

      Racepak featurs:
      Programable shift lights
      4 programable screen for fast viewing of live data
      Programable Channel names
      Programable warning lights
      Canbus interface avilable for external sensors
      Gear indicator
      GPS speed avilable , for lap times and lap No.

      The kit contains:
      1 x Racepak IQ3 dashboard (non data logging)
      1 x Racepak IQ3 Wiring loom
      1 x Racepack Programing cable
      1 x Datalink software
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